6 Summer Cocktails: Refreshing boozy drinks

I’m so exited the warmer weather is approaching, I can’t help but want to start making some fun cocktails. Sangria is my number 1 however, here are a few of my favourite cocktail recipe finds. Bringing you some refreshing ideas to create some delicious boozy drinks.

Watermelon + Honeydew Sangria: Of course this combo is delicious (via, Sugar and Charm)

Using the most yummy fruits this sangria is sure to wow you (I’m definitely keeping this one in the books). Using watermelon, honeydew, lemon, strawberries, limes and cucumber the flavour is so sweet and refreshing. This is a white wine lover’s sangria recipe (of course, me).

Mango + Blackberry Vodka Cooler: Oh so yummy, for the mango lover (via, Foolproof Living)

It cannot get any better then fresh mango, blackberries and vodka. Come on, it’s simply awesome. This recipe uses Zubrowka Vodka however, if that’s not your favourite add any vodka you would like to the mix. I simply use my favourite Absolut Vodka or  Smirnoff Red Vodka.

Raspberry Mojito: Favourite fruit with a splash of rum (via, Heather Christo)

Okay so I’m not a big fan of mojito why? Because I don’t like the crushed mint as much as I should. Once in awhile I love to make this particular cocktail because it’s made with my favourite fruit “raspberries”. I’m not to familiar with rum so I just use the Captain Morgan White but there’s tons of other white rum’s you can add to the cocktail.

Peach Plum Sangria: Peachy, peachy yes please (via, Kitchn)

Another delicious sangria recipe I love. Made with peaches, plums, cherries and peach brandy, this cocktail will have you wanting more (one glass is never enough, trust me). Oh, if you’re looking for a great big pitcher to make your sangria in party size quantity (I won’t tell if it’s just for you).

The Blackberry Bourbon Smash: Who doesn’t love a little Bourbon? (via, Waiting on Martha)

This is a pretty awesome drink made with Bourbon, blackberries and mint. I love the look of the cocktail as well, it looks classy and very put together. This recipe also uses a simple syrup, you can find it pretty much anywhere, I like to use the Mcguinness Simple Syrup.

Gin + Grapefruit Summer Soda: Made with grapefruit soda (via, decor8)

Gin, gin and more gin (okay, maybe not that much). I do love this cocktail recipe not only is it super simple it’s delicious. Made with grapefruit soda, gin of choice, lemon or lime juice, berries and mint. Lovely and refreshing, follow the link to decor8 and get the recipe.

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