Common House Plants: How to keep them beautiful and healthy

This morning I wanted to create a much needed post about what house plants to purchase and how to take care of them. Naturally some are easier then others however, there’s always a few tips we can use. I’m going to recommend you my favourite house plants and how to keep them looking beautiful and healthy.  (Trust me, you don’t NEED a green thumb) i’ll give you the ins and outs of those awesome house plants.

Aloe Vera Plant: Beautiful + super versatile (via, Etsy)

The Aloe Vera plant is straight up amazing, low maintenance and is good for SO many other things (not just beautiful to look at but super versatile). Some common benefits of the Aloe Vera plant include being able to heal sunburns, bug bites, itchy skin or face, hair and skin cells rejuvenation, cold sores and inflammation. (Those are only SOME of the benefits, there are many more). If you want to gain more knowledge on the health benefits of the plant read up on 10 Things You Can Do With Aloe Vera by Prevention. Now let’s take a look at ways to take care of are Aloe plant.

How often do you water your Aloe Vera plant?

Typically you want to water it no more then once or twice a week (even less in the winter). A really easy way to tell if you not sure if your plant needs water (I know, how am I suppose to remember when I watered it last?). If the soil is dry at least two inches below the surface, it’s time to water again. If you just recently transplanted your plant into a new home (new pot or new area). Make sure to wait two to three days before watering again (this prevents shock for the plant).

What kind of soil is best for the Aloe Vera plant?

Alright, first thing first the Aloe plant is a succulent, they really love dry conditions. If you love succulents and want to get more info check out my Indoor Succulent: Guide to keeping them beautiful all year round. Back to the soil type, the Aloe plant is best paired with cactus soil mix or a regular potting soil with extra building sand or perlite (again I talk more in dept about this in my guide).

Does my Aloe Vera plant need direct sunlight?

This plant like most succulents can adapt to shady areas however, if you want to keep it happy and beautiful I recommend keeping your plant in direct sunlight. Place your plant on your windowsill or a surface where it will receive lots of direct sunlight (keep in mind a west or south facing window is key).

How do I harvest my Aloe Vera plant?

Very good question because you want to be able to take all those benefits I mentioned before from your Aloe plant no? Totally, the very best way to harvest your Aloe plant is to choose a thick, smooth large leaf. Using a knife cut the leaf as close to the trunk as possible (this will prevent damage to the leaf). Do NOT hand pick your leaf, it will prevent future growth and damage the tissue of the Aloe plant. (Unblemished leafs are the best tasting and contain the most gel).

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: My favourite plant (via, Hallway Wholeistic)

Oh my, I know eh? This plant is amazing and super gorgeous. My favourite plant because of it’s beautiful big leafs, modern appeal and HUGE trend statement for the home right now. The fiddle leaf fig tree is essentially part of the Asian species of the mulberry flowering plants (also known as the rubber plants).

How much water do I give my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?

With this type of plant/tree it’s really important to not over water and do not keep your tree’s roots soaking in the water. When the soil is dry to the touch you should add water. Make sure to always allow the water to drain from your pot and empty the access drained water from the tray or saucer (this will prevent future leafs to turn brown and fall off or older leafs to turn brown and fall off). Water your tree with distilled water or rainwater if possible.

Do I have to prune my tree?

It’s important to keep your tree pruned and happy (just like we need a haircut and some pampering once in awhile). Basically you can prune the tree to make it look like a tree instead of a bush however, do not attempt to cut it into a tree shape right away. You need to slowly, each season train your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree to grow like a tree. For more info on this check out Growing and Pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig by Young Married & Travelling.

How much sun does my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree need?

This is another super important factor for this tree. Make sure to put your tree in a bright consistent light, you can also turn your tree around (this will allow all areas of the leafs to get enough light). I would recommend placing it in front of a sunny window away from any cool drafts or cold areas. (They are use to the rain forest still warm conditions, cool or cold areas will affect your tree).

Why are the leafs of my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree turning yellow or brown and falling off?

Because mistake people make is over water or under water. If you manage the watering properly, ensuring you don’t over water and leave the tree roots soaking, your tree should keep it’s smooth, glossy and leathery leafs. If you don’t water enough the leafs will turn yellow and dry out, they will eventually fall off. Keep it moist, warm and as close to the rain forest environment as possible. You can even spray the leafs with a spray bottle once in awhile (again, using distilled or rainwater). This will keep the leafs glossy and healthy, much like a typical rain forest rain storm.

The Snake Plant: Much more lovely then it’s name (via, The Glitter Guide)

I’m not a fan of snakes at all (this plant is the closest I want near a snake). I think this plant is absolutely stunning, much like it’s name it does look like a snake (those long snaky leafs). However, it’s quite unique in it’s type, shape and look. The snake plant is one of the best plants for improving air quality in your home. The best place to keep this lovely plant is in the bedroom why? Because it converts CO2 into oxygen at night cool eh? Yes. So how do we take care of our snake plants?

How much water does my Snake plant need?

So basically the watering part of the Snake plant care is the most complicated. Not because it’s hard but because it’s specific. I recommend buying a hydrometer for testing the soil moisture (are you crazy? Why can’t I just water it normally?) Well,  this plant will be much happier if you follow the rules of care. When your hydrometer reads 0 or when soil is dry, water your Snake plant. Water very little in winter or air conditioning environments, this will prevent the roots from rotting. Also, water beside the leafs directly on the soil, not on the leafs like your garden flowers.

Does my Snake plant produce flowers?

Good question, you can potentially own your Snake plant for years and years and suddenly the plant as produced a flower stalk. The Snake plant won’t produce allot of flowers however, one flowering stalk will have many little white flowers on them. It gives off a strong smell however, sweet smell.

Is my Snake plant poisonous?

Like many house plants or trees some of them are very toxic (especially for animals). The Snake plant if digested can cause swelling, burning and irritation to the mouth and tongue. I’m not trying to scare you from buying or growing a Snake plant, simply warning you of it’s cons. Keep your cats, dogs, rabbits and children away from eating the leafs and you will be fine.

English Ivy Plant: Traditional + never out of style (via, My Domaine)

This plant is super traditional, I remember when my mom’s house was filled with these (mom you aren’t old, I’m just saying). The English Ivy plant is super pretty, will spread wherever it can go and adds a charming greenery to your home. Planted outdoors as a perennial or kept potted indoors as a  house plant. The Ivy is beautiful and does’t require much maintenance. The English Ivy plant is what we call an evergreen (much like the name, it will never loose it’s leafs in the winter time and stays green all year long).

Is the English Ivy happier in sun or shade?

The Ivy plant is much happier in the shade. If you choose to plant it outdoors, use it as ground cover for those tough shady areas in the garden. It will add some green to the ground without being allot of maintenance (careful it doesn’t take over other flowers or plants).

How often do I water my indoor potted English Ivy plant?

Keep the soil moist, water freely even during winter. I recommend you spray your plant with soft water, it will prevent any mites or little bugs that might like to make there home in your plant. While watering the plant, once a month add some liquid fertilizer to the plant, this will enhance plant performance and beauty. Keep in mind to not fertilize in the winter because the plant is dormant.

Do I need to wash my English Ivy plant?

Allot of people wonder if they must wash there Ivy plant, the answer is yes. You can simply wash your plant in the shower (seems weird no?) kinda however, this will keep the leafs clean from dust and wash away any little bugs, mites or pest from the leafs. (Yes, unfortunately little bugs love to make there homes in the English Ivy plants).

Those are essentially my favourite house plants, there’s tons of other great indoor plants you can have. Don’t limit yourself to a few, purify the air and take advantage of some of the most beneficial plants. I also love the Jade plant, the Spider plant and the rubber plant. Keep in touch and look out for some more information about these plants (I’m sure to be posting about them soon).

What are your favourite house plants? I would love to find out some more awesome knowledge on them and continue growing my house plant obsession.











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  1. I always wanted live plants in home but i didnt want them to die. This is a great read. Will definitely buy some and check it out. Also i loved your plant pots 😍

  2. What a great article! I do not have a green thumb and always end up killing my house plants by accident. I love Aloe Vera plants but never knew how to harvest them. Great information!

    1. Thank you Jessica, it took me the longest time to figure out how to harvest Aloe Vera plants but now I can take full advantage of it.

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