Copper Bathroom: How to add copper into the bathroom with style

Copper is one of the most elegant, rich looking style to add to your home. I always wanted to add some into my bathroom however, it can be overwhelming on where to add it and how to incorporate it, without making your bathroom look old and outdated. Here are a few ideas to inspire your copper style.

The Hammered Copper Tub: A rich + bold look (via, Drummonds)

Copper Shower Head: Turn your shower into luxury (via, Home Deco)

Modern Sink Copper: Why not mix it up? Try the modern-contemporary look (via, Chicdeco)

Copper + Marble Look: Beautiful + smart (via, Don’t Cramp My Style)

In The Pipeline: Add some industrial copper (via, Home Interiors Scotland)

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Look: When modern + farmhouse get together (via, My Life from Home)

I love these looks and so will you. Don’t be afraid to add copper into the bathroom, naturally it can look beautiful however making it fun and modern is even better. Try your choice of copper accessories, lighting, tubs and more. I know what my future bathroom will look like.

For more awesome Copper Bathroom Ideas visit Drummonds, the’re based out of the UK. A luxury bathroom company, they are very expensive however, you can browse their website and get inspired with their timeless designs. Shop if you would like, they have beautiful things.






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