DIY Creative Cushion Covers: Pillows for every room

I would say one of my ultimate favourite decor item are DIY creative cushion covers. They add so much colour into your space just by sitting pretty on your couch, bed or chair. I wanted to share with you some pretty fun and easy ideas on how to make your own cushion covers (pillow covers). It’s not super hard and it gives you a project to kick start.

No Sew Envelope Cushions, DIY Creative Cushion Covers

No-Sew Envelope Pillows: Made from napkins (via, Sugar & Cloth)

Elegant and pretty, this material and pattern is beautiful. And, made from napkins, who knew? I love this idea. All you need is 20′ patterned napkin and 20′ solid colour napkin, heat n’ bond no sew iron on adhesive, iron, scissors and pillow form.

Watercolour Inspired Throw Pillows, DIY Creative Cushion Covers

Watercolour Inspired Throw Pillows: Using simple material (via, Brit+Co)

Super easy and fun (you could even include the kids for this one). Using only rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs and sharpie markers you can create this watercolour effect on any pillow. Use any size of white pillows you would like (small or big).

DIY Heat Transfer Cushions, DIY Creative Cushion Covers

DIY Heat Transfer Cushions: Fun + modern look (via, The Lovely Drawer)

Using only a handful of materials and heat transfer vinyl you can create a fun design on your blank pillows. I would even use a coloured pillow, why not? Make tons of cool shapes and sizes of vinyl pieces to transfer onto your pillows.

Watercolour Ink Blot Cushions, DIY Creative Cushion Covers

Watercolour Ink Blot Pillows: DIY it (via, A Kailo Chic Life)

Wow it looks awesome, tons of colour options here and time to be creative. This project uses craft acrylic paint in multiple colours, paint brush supplies, sewing machine, plain white paper, rolling pin and a few other materials you can find on the link above.

DIY Patterned Throw Pillows, DIY Creative Cushion Covers

DIY Pattern Throw Pillows: Make a splash in your living room (via, Sugar & Cloth)

These are my favourite, I love the combination of pattern, texture and colour. Super fresh, this idea will add some spice into your home decor space. With the help of a little fabric paint, these pillows will wow your guest. I would also recommend using fabric paint for most of these projects (the end result will be nice and smooth, trust me).




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  1. Wow. You are just very impressive. Here I am looking at your website like candy. It’s colorful, airy and refreshing. I love all of these colors. Are you selling any of your DIY? I want it .. so jealous you are super creative.

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