DIY Pegboard Ideas: To organize your home or decorate it

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Being creative with pegboard has become such a huge trend (no longer only used to display products in the hardware store). I have to confess I have never made anything with pegboard other then placing products on them. That’s why I want to share with you some DIY pegboard ideas to make for your next project. Who knew such a boring pegboard could transform your home or office space. Check it out.

Giant Pegboard DIY, DIY Pegboard Ideas

Giant Pegboard DIY: Create something beautiful for the entryway (via, Vintage Revivals)

This is so great for displaying art, plants or simply to add shelving to your home. It looks simple yet modern and really catches the eye. Adding some earthy plants creates a nice balance of natural colour. Don’t be afraid to change up your shelving layout, make it your own.

Kid's Study Space with Pegboard, DIY Pegboard Ideas

Kid’s study space with pegboard: Create a space for your little one (via, Stephbond)

How can we forget about our little one’s? This idea is super cute and fun, having some colours creates inspiration and promotes creativity for your kids.

Pegboard in the Kitchen, DIY Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard In The Kitchen: Organised pantry (via, Loyal Supply)

Okay so I just recently discovered Loyal Supply and OMG I LOVE them. They have the best products and allot of innovative ideas. From the kitchen to the bathroom, office and more they have everything. Please do me a favor and check out there shop page, you won’t regret it.¬†Some of my favourite products include the bee raw honey¬†(comes in 4 different flavours). I also love there own loyal brand products. From cards to key chains, pins and banners.

Home Office Pegboard DIY, DIY Pegboard Ideas

Home Office Pegboard DIY: Keep your office looking smart (via, White House Black Shutters)

Organised office space with a great pegboard display. Stock up on some awesome art supplies to add to your creative office. Colouring pencils for the drawer, acrylic paint for the art lover, Post-it for the note taker and awesome pens for inking. Hope you are ready to make your own DIY pegboard ideas, update your home office or simply add some decor to your home (the modern way).





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