Gallery Wall Ideas: Modern home photo display

We all have a million pictures in our phones, computers and laptops but why don’t we display them in our homes? I ask myself this all the time, it would be lovely to have some more family photos around to decorate and add some charm. I gathered a little mash up of beautiful gallery wall ideas to display your photos. Time to print those long time photos now.

Black + White Gallery Wall: Bold + clean look (via, Studio Mcgee)

Horizontal Photo Display: Add more then 3 frames if you’d like (via, The Everygirl)

Decorating With Photos: Streamline in black + white (via, decoratualma)

Living Room Photo Display: Don’t leave your back wall empty (via, Driven by Decor)

Add Some Photos To The Entryway: Splash of colour with your family photos (via, Domino)

Grey Neutral With Photo Display: Gallery wall above the couch (via, tanjavanhoogdalem)

It’s important to not only keep your beautiful photos in your phone, transform them into prints and display your frames. It will add some personality and a little sentimental value to your home. I love black and white frames however, don’t be shy to add some colour to your frames, mix it up, search some DIY projects and create.


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  1. I love the idea of being able to display your own photos on a gallery wall! I am considering doing this in my living room! Thank you for the ideas!

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