Indoor Succulents: Guide to keeping them beautiful all year round

So… time to be honest I’m not very good with keeping succulents happy, that’s why I decided to do my research and get a better knowledge on these beautiful delicate creatures. It’s no kidding we usually LOVE the atmosphere indoor plants give our homes no? Totally, I revamped my green thumb and give you the guide to bringing succulents into your home without killing them. Keeping them happy, beautiful and most importantly healthy.

Sunlight: Giving them the best part of the day

Sunlight is super important for ALL plants however, some need more then others. Succulents for one need quite allot of sunshine in the day, usually about 6 hours of sunlight. How do I give my plants enough light, I live in an apartment with very few windows? Don’t worry I’m there as well and I know exactly the struggle. To better give your plants the sunlight they need, allow them to sit by a window (do not put them in direct sunlight), give them enough without drying them out. You would be surprised what daylight can do for them, even if you may not have allot of direct sunlight.

Soil: Keep your succulents in the right potting mix

Not going to lie, I knew nothing about what soil to use or not to use. It can be overwhelming when you have no idea what potting mix is the right or BEST one. Do me a favor, keep reading you don’t need to take a trip to the garden center expert and buy things you won’t need. It’s quite simple when you know what you need and understand the proper food your succulents need.

So… here we go, the perfect potting mix for those beautiful succulents is, 2 parts potting soil (if you wish to make the soil a little bit more dense, add sand to your mix. Next, 1 part perlite (what the hell is that? Yup I was thinking the same thing). Perlite is basically a volcanic rock, it’s formed when the lava from the volcano forms and cools rapidly at the surface. This rock contains water and silica, this is what’s used to feed your plants the minerals they need to survive indoors. Simple? Yes, the last thing you need to add to your mix is 1 part small gravel (pumice, turface or crushed granite).

Water: The source of life

Water water water, NO NO NO please go easy on your watering habits. Too much water is no good for your plants, believe me. The perfect amount of water is more but less frequently. I know I just said less but what i mean is don’t over water your succulents. The easiest and best way to find out if your plants need water is to put your finger about 1-2 inches in the pot, is it dry or moist? If dry, water (don’t fill the pot with water, just enough to feel the soil is moisten). That’s it, no big deal and easy enough.

Containers: The most important factor of surviving succulents

Often they say, the soil is the most important thing to consider when working with succulents but I don’t agree. Making sure your plants are in the best container is like making sure you live in the best house. Simple, they need a container that will allow a good amount of water drainage to happen (stay away from glass, I know there’s tons of cute terrariums made of glass). The glass doesn’t have holes or any ventilation for your plants, they will simply stay in water all day and this can attract too much moisture, bugs and mold. Any type of ventilated and drainage container is the best. I have found some adorable options online, they aren’t too expensive and are quite cute.  Mini ceramic Korea style pots, includes 12 pots for about $45. White ceramic pots, includes 6 pots in set and I LOVE these Japanese style clay pots, the’re available in different designs, pick one that goes with your home decor.

Now, get growing. Create your own beautiful succulent arrangements and fill your home with lots and lots of oxygen.



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